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Going on holiday if you have pets can be quite stressful for owners. As dog owners ourselves, we realise you might like to take your pets with you on holiday in France or Europe.

Remember In order for pet dogs, cats and ferrets to enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine to the UK under PETS, they must, in this order, be fitted with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies, and then blood tested. More information can be found from PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) on the Defra website.

Before you go, check on the the pets passport scheme, make sure you thoroughly understand the consequences of taking your pet(s) abroad. If you get it wrong, your pet(s) may have to spend time in quarantine on their return to the UK. If you are in doubt about taking pets abroad, read the document on Defra's website.

We will allow up to two well behaved animals. If you want to take more then please check with us, we can be quite flexible.

Any damage to the property, or extra cleaning resulting from the animals, will be recovered from the booking fee. If you are in doubt about anything, please contact us before booking.